Personal Outsourcing Task Report: Hotel & Golf Negotiation

15 08 2008

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Photo by Butler Corey on Flickr via Creative Commons

Photo by Butler Corey on Flickr via Creative Commons

I’ve posted before about personal outsourcing. See here for details on my first task, and here for an explanation of what personal outsourcing is from my VA Joseph.

Since that first task I have been giving my assistant Joseph probably couple of tasks a month, and getting used to his abilities and the right types of tasks to delegate to him. I’ll post more details of those tasks as part of my Personal Outsourcing Series that I am working on.

A more recent task turned out to be a great success. Whilst it was something I could have done myself, I don’t really like the time taken ringing up places, being on hold and following up responses, so it was a great one to get Joseph to do for me.

Note: my dad had already booked this hotel direct (without any negotiation!) so the figures I used for calculating the savings are based on the prices he had been quoted.

Here is my delegation email to Joseph:

Hi Joseph,

I need you to contact a hotel that can be found at

We go every year but the hotel is getting more and more expensive (note I already have my own prices from their site)

I would like you to negotiate the absolute best price for the following (you can always negotiate with hotels):

3 x Twin Executive Rooms (6 people) for 2 nights from Fri 29 August
With Breakfast for all guests

Also find out:
– Any deals on a Round of Golf at around 3pm on the Friday for 4 people (with 2 Golf Carts)
– Any deals Dinner in the Restaurant on the Friday night for all 6 guests.

I’d like to know what the best price is that you can negotiate (don’t take their first price!) for all elements individually and a combined special deal price.

I am happy for you to phone or email or both (maybe email first then follow up with a call).

I would like a quote for all options (once you have negotiated) from the hotel.

The better the deal you can get me, the happier I will be in your results of this task.

Can you get me your results (or an update) by Friday lunchtime this week.

I think you should only need around an hour total for this?




After a few messenger conversations between myself and Joseph to clarify details, he was struggling to get a response from them (turned out he was using the address for the wrong department but that was easily rectified). Joseph used a two pronged email and phone attack on the hotel and got excellent results. I already had a price and Joseph managed to get us a £20 per person reduction on the price. But it didn’t end there, the price now included Dinner in their award winning restaurant for both nights, an upgrade to Executive rooms and golf at less than half price!

Joseph charged me about 30 minutes (though I think he spend more time than that trying to get the best results) to this task in the end so it cost me a few quid and saved us I estimate around £500 (because of the included meals and extras) on the total price for the six of us.

I think that this is a great example of the usefulness of personal outsourcing to do those tasks you don’t have the time to deal with the back-and-forth, or jobs that really you would rather someone else did for you. I put a focus on getting the best possible results and Joseph worked really well trying to achieve that goal.

Have you had any experiences with Personal Outsourcing that you’d like to share? Or do you have any questions about this task? If so let me know in the comments below!


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What is Personal Outsourcing?

18 07 2008

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Photo by Jspad on Flickr Via Creative Commons

Photo by Jspad on Flickr Via Creative Commons

Ohhhhh…Can’t someone else do it? Homer Simpson

This is an easy post to write, as I’ve just asked my VA Joseph to write it for me! I’ll put my feet up…

Here you go:

Personal Outsourcing

Personal Outsourcing can help grow your business Time is valuable factor in the existing world. Manage your life more efficiently by letting your virtual assistant carry out your routine and mundane tasks.

Hiring a virtual assistant makes a lot of difference in your life. You get to make time with your Family, Children, Friends and Yourself.

Virtual assistants can work for you on an hourly basis, project basis or on a monthly retainer basis.

A Virtual assistant can help you to maintain your databases, create and design your electronic books and reports, answer your routine customer service E-mail, Work with MS Word, Type and send letters or contracts, Make travel arrangements, Order services on your behalf and many more tasks.

When you “hire” a Virtual assistant you can interview him or her over the telephone and learn if your assistant has the skills that you are looking for. You must also make sure that you discuss the best way to work with each other.

Make sure that you organize yourself before allocating a task to your Virtual assistant.

In order to build a good relationship with your virtual assistant you need to have a good understanding of what you need, when you need and why you need. Clear and precise communication is required. Find the right balances for you and your VA so that your working relationship is efficient and productive. Feedback must be provided to help streamline your processes.

Deadlines and To-Do-List are not to be forgotten .Working with a VA can be a significant milestone in growing your business.

The key factor in hiring a virtual assistant is that you can keep doing what you do the best and leave the rest up to your Virtual assistant.

So there you have it. I’ll be posting more about my personal outsourcing experiences but I thought I’d put this quick post up as an introduction.

Note: This was cut and pasted directly from the word document that Joseph set me with no alteration, as was a first draft.

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