Whilst I’m setting this site up, I’m keeping it anonymous…i’m sure you’ll understand.

I’ve always been interested in efficiency (productivity), technology, life improvement etc.

Ultimately I want to find the way to do the most ‘stuff’ with the least effort, therefore maximising my non-work time.

I have set up the.lifestyle.project blog to chart my progress and to improve my communication and perfection of my system. I really have enough hobbies already, but I think that this one could lead to something more – who knows.

I hope that if you find my blog you find it fun, informative and well written. I look forward to getting to know you.


9 responses

16 07 2008

Great blog. Keep up the great work. i wish I had your enthusiasm and positive attitude when I was your age. Remember that positive works, negaative, destroys.

17 07 2008


Thanks for your comment, that means a lot. I’m new to blogging and writing isn’t my strong point.

I do try and stay positive. You’ll see through my blog that I am trying to positively work on aspects of my lifestyle in a positive way.

If you like the blog, please consider subscribing!

Thanks for visiting.

5 09 2008

For someone new to blogging you are doing a great job. I am also a newbie blogger as of June 2008, and on a straight-up-the-incline learning curve. You have good take-away information and that’s what many blogs lack. Keep up the good work, you have a great start. Don’t be so shy!

5 09 2008

@Edie – A new fan! Thanks! I find that I am just plain lazy reading blogs sometimes and skip bits. I aim to keep my posts informative and concise. I’m not that shy really…

5 09 2008

By the way, a great study in visioning and PMA can be had by watching Barack Obama in the presidential campaign. I don’t like the guy, nor will I vote for him, but I have learned alot from watching his demeanor, and his methods.
He also comes off as arrogant and demeaning at times, which detracts from his positivism.
Let me know if you see what i see.

13 09 2008

I love your blog. You seem very enthusiastic and the world definitely needs more people like you! =)

13 09 2008

@grumpajoesplace – It’s hard to be balanced about Obama as the UK media has a massive bias towards him. I think that people in that postition are heavily coached in how to come across. I do wonder how genuine they are able to be as the media tears them apart on the slightest faux pa. He does have a great PMA, but you hope for that in a potential future president!

@Isadora – Thanks for your kind words. I think that I need to put some more effort in to my about page I notice that it’s one of the most visited parts of the blog (perhaps obviously), but doesn’t really have enough about me!

15 09 2008

I love this blog! I have some decisions hanging over my head and have been furiously jotting down your ideas for making decisions. Keep up the great work! Thanks~

15 09 2008

@robinrane – Thanks for you kind comments. Good luck with your decisions.

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