22 10 2008

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Image by γαλώ /* [offline] on Flickr via Creative Commons

Image by γαλώ on Flickr via Creative Commons

Today I’ve got a guest post over on the Saavy Entrepreneur Blog. Please do check it out. Cristina runs an Anti-Procrastination month each October to get back on track with work and stop putting things off. It’s a great idea.

How do you procrastinate?
Think about it, what do you do to procrastinate? I spend loads of time researching various topics on the internet, finding lots information which leads to more information. Then more and more. I’ll make a long list of things to do related to this, more websites to look at, and the spiral continues. This gives me a list of things to do, which is just another way to procrastinate actually doing the important things that I was looking at information about in the first place. Nuts I know.

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2 responses

23 10 2008

Just seconds before I read this post, I was making a list of tasks I have been thinking about but hadn’t yet accomplished. How timely. Thanks, also, for the link to Savvy Entrepreneur. Keep up the good work.

23 10 2008

@Edie – Thanks. You’ve just got to do the list now then 😉 Pick just one thing that you will feel good if you accomplish today and just do it!

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