The Last Friday Fun & Roundup? | 10/09/2008

12 09 2008
Image by Ben McLeod on Flickr via Creative Commons

Image by Ben McLeod on Flickr via Creative Commons

In the grand scheme of things, I think maybe my Friday Fun & Roundup posts are perhaps not the best things to put on my blog (maybe they feature better on a site that is purely personal?). I think that my readers (who are great people) deserve richer content rather than me being lazy and just posting up some links? However, I do like my link posts as I spend far too much time on the web and find many things that I think my readers will be interested in.

Therefore, I’m currently thinking of a way to still deliver these, but without diluting the overall content offering of my blog.

Anyway, here are some links I’ve enjoyed this week and I hope you will too (I’m sure they say a lot about what I’m thinking about a lot at the moment!) :

What do you think? Please do let me know in the comments your honest opinion (your comments mean a lot too me).




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12 09 2008

I’m glad that you liked my little poem/song/parody. Thanks for the link and good luck on the road getting to where you want to be.

13 09 2008
Bobby Rio

Personally I love when bloggers do a weekly roundup type thing. It gives me a chance to discover sites i may never of heard of.

I usually reserve these types of posts for Saturday on my site… I just started with them, and my audience seems to enjoy them.

And i don’t consider it to be lazy… hell, its not easy surfing the web all day πŸ™‚ and then remembering the good stuff at the end of the week!

13 09 2008
Edie Dykeman

I agree with Bobby Rio. I think a once a week post like this is a lot of fun. Surfing the net is a great adventure, but there is so much out there, none of us can see it all. When various bloggers share what they find, it helps bring everyone together as a family, much as we would share interesting sites and news with our own family. I hope you keep sharing this type of post.

13 09 2008

@flid2 – Thanks. I did enjoy it yes!

@Bobby Rio – Great. Your input is important to me. Surfing the internet is indeed hard work. I often have to tear myself away from my day job to make sure I surf enough πŸ˜‰ (thanks for linking to me by the way, you’ve bought me a lot of traffic this week.

@Edie Dykeman – Thanks. I will keep it up I think for the moment, but I really do need to work on getting more real content on.

What’s your guys thoughts on my post frequency then?

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