Lists for Life

8 09 2008

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Since I started reading blogs and subsequently blogging myself, I’ve always been a fan of list posts. Why? Well lists are simple to understand, they get you straight to the point and it’s a great way of getting the core messages of the post quickly by scanning the titles. I’ll be honest, I only really scan most blog posts as I don’t have the time (and often the focus) to read each one work for word. List posts allow the reader to scan the content quickly and delve in to the points that they want more information on. However, increasingly I find myself just reading the points, understanding them instantly and moving on.

(Modifed) Original Image by Nocas on Flickr via Creative Commons

(Modifed) Original Image by Nocas on Flickr via Creative Commons

This is why I have launched a new blog “Lists for Life”. This is basically a collection of lists about anything and everything. My aim is to post one list per day. The lists will likely be a varying length and subject matter. I’ll be looking to put up “Guest Lists” from other bloggers, commenters or readers. If you are interested in a submitting a list please contact me.

Please check it out here and let me know what you think!


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