Lifestyle Project | Friday Fun & Roundup | 05/09/2008

5 09 2008

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Image by WhatNot on Flickr via Creative Commons
Image by WhatNot on Flickr via Creative Commons

So it’s September now and in the UK the nights are drawing in. It is noticeably cooler and raining (no change there then). Another interesting week for the blog, a lot of traffic still for my GTD post. Lots coming via Stumble Upon so thanks to the stumblers!

This week I launched a new blog. It’s called “Lists for Life” and is a simple, basic site which just feature lists. I’ll be aiming to post one per day of varying length, and will be looking to ‘Guest Listers‘ for help! Also hoping to get some big name bloggers posting lists so watch this space!

Check it out here. Find out Why Lists? here.

This week’s inspirational video:

British Paralympics Ad, great images, insiration and music! Directed by Ridley Scott’s son, music by Paul McCartney.

My image of the week:

This is Girona (Gerona) in Northern Spain. It is 100k North of Barcelona and I’m going (back) there in a few weeks. Hoping to spend some extended time living around there soon.

Image by Shht on Flickr via Creative Commons
Image by Shht on Flickr via Creative Commons

Blogs I’ve been reading

Random Stuff

  • Avoid internet procrastination, set this as your homepage so everytime you open your browser you ask yourself if it is really what you should be doing?!


What kind of music do you like, and what does it say about you?

(I like anything with cool guitar in it – so blues, jazz, rock etc)

That’s all folks, have a great weekend!


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