You Can’t Do Everything (Get Over It)

30 06 2008

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by DeathByBokeh (Flickr via Creative Commons)

We can’t do everything for everyone everywhere, but we can do something for someone somewhere.
Elder Richard L. Evans (1906–71)

I have quite a lot of content ready to edit and post, but I wanted to share some thoughts that are going through my mind at the moment.

I am the kind of person who likes to learn (a lot), likes to achieve (a lot) and likes to make the best use of my time (life is short). This means that I have quite a lot that I want to try (new things) and a lot to get through (existing things). As I’m trying to eliminate and simplify this doesn’t sit well.

I think there comes a time where I just need to accept that I can’t do everything, and rather than analyse or question this I need to just get over it and move on.

I have found attempting to single task, eliminate, prioritise and focus in my work life has helped. If 20 things to do hit you in an hour and you already have 5 things you must do today, just accept that you won’t get everything completed. If you have sound systems in place and you are able to manage peoples expectations effectively you’ll be fine. Remember most so call ‘critical issues’ at work are manufactured emergencies. Sure, some of these are genuine, but the key is learning to control these and remained focused on the bigger picture of what needs to be achieved.

From a personal point of view we have to accept that we can’t have, be or do everything that we want. But this does not mean that we shouldn’t try. However we must remained focused and aware of our relative fortunate position. Put it this way, if you are reading this then you are in a very fortunate position. You not only have access to the technology to view it, but also live in a society that allows you to view this content etc. etc. You could be starving, abused and suppressed.

Tips for getting over the fact that you can’t do everything:

1) Accept it.

2) Focus on what is really important (eliminate what is not).

3) Use your time effectively (don’t waste time on trivial tasks, out your time to best use).

4) Keep focused on the bigger picture (long term).

5) Reduce you desires (if you don’t want for something you won’t miss it) – extra tip: reduce exposure to things that create wants such as marketing, email lists, pointless window shopping, if you don’t know something exists you won’t want it or miss it.

6) Be thankful for what you have and what you can do.

Most of what we want to do comes from desire. Whilst you should strive to achieve what you want and have what you want, just put things in perspective and thing what is really important and how best to use your valuable time.




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17 07 2008
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