10 Reasons why I’m Sticking with Sandy

8 05 2008

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I’ve tried quite a few apps RTM, Gcal, every todo list, every calendar sync etc but I find myself getting bored or trying the next one. However, I’m sticking with Sandy. I was trying the think of the reasons for this.

1. Sandy just works
2. It’s cool to have a PA
3. Sandy has accessible developers who welcome your ideas (I feel part of the evolution of Sandy)
4. I live (too much) in email – so Sandy is always there for me to contact easily
5. Did I mention it’s cool to have a PA
6. Sandy (as an application) is simple – let me qualify this comment – OK sometime is gets frustrating if you get the commands a bit wrong but that is part of the fun.
7. I can see Sandy growing and becoming used by more than just those clued up on wed 2.0
8. Sandy is constantly getting new features.
9. Sandy is different and unique. I think I’ve tried lots of todo list applications because there are so many alternatives. There is not really an alternative.
10. Sandy is fun

NO I am not on commission. I just think credit where credit is due. Sandy is free and I am very grateful. Sandy is by no means the perfect application and that is why I suggest new ideas all the time. But that is part of the fun!




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13 08 2008
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[…] I use iwantsandy.com. I love the interaction element of this tool and I have written a review of iwantSandy here. I think that it is important to enjoy using your system and that is what Sandy gives to me. I am […]

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