My Personal Outsourcing Experiment: TASK I

27 04 2008

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I’ve had a Virtual Assistant for a month now. It is very much an experiment I am a trying, partly for fun and partly because I want to free up some time. After my usual copious amounts of web research, I decided to sign up with I had read several reviews and heard mixed results. They seemed like a mainstream option so I though they would be a good place to try. Their team organisational structure makes sense too.

One thing that I did notice on my web research prior to setting up my account it that aside from the 4HWW and thenewlyrich blog, there aren’t many examples – so I thought I’d record my own.

Task One: Prague Trip

Reason for Outsourcing: I would consider myself an expert in web research. However, it is time consuming and I wanted to a) find out how good my VA would be at it and b) how happy I would be to have someone else do something I could do myself (remember the aim here is to free up my time).


Hi Joseph,

Hope you are OK.

I’ve got my first task for you:

My friend is taking his new girlfriend on a surprise trip to Prague in the Czech republic. I went in November with Sarah (my girlfriend).

I want to put him a quick overview of some recommendations of where to stay, what to do and tips.

Can you do some research on the internet and put together an email for me of traveller tips, I will then add to this with my own tip (it will be interesting to see what I missed when I was there!)

Some particular areas to look at:

– Recommend 3 hotels to stay in for the price range £70-120 GBP per night (Old town or close to it would be best) – look on the ‘tripadvisor’ website, and check out UK booking sites such as expedia and laterooms websites.
– Recommend 5 good restaurants to eat at and provide location and contact details
– Recommend 5 sites to see, provide location details and tips
– They are going the last weekend of May for 3 nights

All the above (and any other nice bits you find) should be presented back in a way that I can send to my friend via email.

Could you spend a couple of hours on this and I’ll see what you come back with. I also have a few extra things to look at, but I see what the initial response from you is.

Any questions just drop me a line.

I am working at home tomorrow so feel free to call anytime so we can get to speak to each other.

Also whilst I was in Prague I kept a diary. I haven’t had chance to type it up – if I was to scan and send it could it be typed up in a word document for me?




What I received in return for this was a word document with 10 sites to visit. It had the obvious stuff on but with photos and a brief description. I’d give him 7/10 for this.

I also received an excel spreadsheet with hotel details in. I’d give 5/10 for this. Whilst it did give me a list of hotels, it wouldn’t have made my hotel selection a quick and easy task.


I think that this indicates that my VA will be able to do web research for me to a reasonable standard. The next task I want to have an element of phone work in it to see how the verbal communication fairs.




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1 05 2008
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2 05 2008

Prague it’s a small city but with a lot to see. There’s also a many of small cities around Prague with beautiful nature and castles like Kutna Hora, Cesky Budejovice, Cesky Krumlov… The most important things, in Prague are the old town square, the Charles Bridge, the castle and the S. Vito Cathedral (one next to each other), Kafk’s museum, Petrin Tower, the botanic garden (close to each other), National Museum (in the red line of the subway) and the Jewish quarter. The public traffic works very well and even during the night (trams and buses). I’ll leave you here a nice site of Prague hotels, they are cheap and very pleasant.
I hope you enjoy the trip and love Prague as much as I did.
Have fun

27 07 2008
Mini Mohan

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